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British Empire Research Guide

Licensed to Spring Hill College. Free resource. On shelf in the Library. Off Campus? See proxy information.
  Library Subject Headings

See LC Classification DA 479.9 - 566.99 (History of the rise and fall of British colonialism)
See LC Classification DS 428 - 436 (India under British rule)

Also see DU 80-398 (Australia); DU 400-430 (New Zealand); DT 1710-2405 (Southern Africa)
F 1001-1145.2
(Canada); F 1630; F 1650; F 1441; F 2130; F 3031 (British America other than Canada)

Link to the Library of Congress Classification site for a list of subject terms. "Controlled Language" is a library concept that simply limits the terms that describe a given subject. For quick access do a "keyword search in the catalog, then view the Subject headings attached to the individual item records. Similar subjects are shelved together so by searching with Controlled Language terms you should be able to retrieve a more robust set of results (i.e. more appropriate to your research topic. See a Reference Librarian for additional information about subject versus keyword searching

  The Library Catalog
Search the Online Catalog for all formats. To broaden a search focus on specific countries colonized by Great Britain. Journal searches by title will soon be included in the catalog. For now, search Serials Solutions . To find articles in journals use the Databases suggested below. For Videocassettes and DVD's search the Online Catalog .
  Dictionaries and Encyclopedia
The Companion to British History. Charles Arnold Baker DA 34.A76 2001
  A Dictionary of British History
  Encyclopedia of Asian History. Ainslie T. Embree, Editor in Chief DS31.E53 1988
  English Historical Documents XII(2) 1874-1914. W. D. Handcock, Editor DA 26.E55 V.12 PT.2
New Cambridge Modern History. C. L. Mowat, Editor in Chief D 208 .N4 1968
  The Oxford Companion to Australian History
The Oxford Companion to British History
  The Oxford Companion to Canadian History
Best Choice
Additional Sources
Country Studies from the Library of Congress
Infomine - Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

New York Public Library Digital Gallery access to hundreds of thousands of images

Selected Web Sites
The British Empire
Examines the scope and influence of the British Empire .Subjects include timelines, art and culture, science and technology, armed forces, maps, biographies and articles.
The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire
Contains lists of present and former British possessions. Current members of the British Commonwealth and independent states in the Commonwealth that retain Queen Elizabeth as their Head of State are detailed. Contains an animated gif file displaying the image of the sun never setting on the British Empire  
A journal of postcolonial studies published by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, North Carolina State University
Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History
"Interdisciplinary in nature and global in scope, the journal presents articles drawn from the tenth century to modern times that deal with aspects of colonialism and imperialism in the broadest sense of these terms"
Postcolonial and post imperial literature in English
An extensive site which includes colonial and postcolonial history, politics, religions and Diasporas.
African Timelines - History, Orature, Literature and Film
Presents a thorough history of Africa from 5 to 2.5 million BCE through late 20th Century. It concentrates on the history of the continent and the effects and outcomes on the creative and literary arts of its' people. This web site is maintained by Cora Agatucci Professor of English, Humanities Department, Central Oregon Community
History of the British Empire
Chronicles the rise of the empire with the explorations of Sir Francis Drake to the independence of India in 1947
Land forces of Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth
Exhaustive military coverage of all the nations, territories, Dominions, Colonies, Protectorates and Mandates that were at any time a part of the British Empire and Commonwealth
Selected Search Engines
BUBL Select letter B, then click British 'History from 1800'.
Voice of the Shuttle Browse under the History heading or search by country name.
Compiled and edited by Angela Mollise
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November 10, 2005

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